7 best Screaming Frog Alternatives

7 best Screaming Frog Alternatives

There are many website audit tools available on the web, but one of the most popular is Screaming Frog Spider. However, due to some reasons, you might be wanted to look for another tool. The reason can be any like,

  • For starters, Screaming Frog can be expensive.
  • The basic price for use of the tool is £149 per year.
  • If you need more than 500 URLs crawled per day or want access to the raw data, you’ll have to pay even more.
  • Digital marketing agencies may find this tool that covers fewer data points.
  • The tool doesn’t have other features like keyword explorer, backlinks analyzer, etc.

There can be any reason, or maybe you want to explore new SEO tools. This blog post will cover 7 Screaming Frog alternatives. Check out them and you might find one good for your projects.

What is Screaming Frog?

The Screaming Frog is a web-based SEO tool. The tool has installation software for Windows and Mac. The Screaming Frog site audit tool is called Screaming Frog Spider which takes some of the following steps.

  • Websites’ links
  • Images, CSS, scripts
  • Page titles
  • Meta descriptions
  • Canonical tags
  • HTTP status codes

Along these, it covers more than 30 SEO checks in website audits. Beginners might find it difficult to use, but once you’re familiar the process might be simple.

7 Best Screaming Frog Alternatives

  1. Ahrefs
  2. Netpeak Software
  3. Moz Pro
  4. Web CEO
  5. Screpy
  6. Semrush
  7. Page Modified

1. Ahrefs

If you’re looking for a Screaming Frog alternative that’s both powerful and easy to use, Ahrefs is definitely worth considering. Here are some of the key reasons why Ahrefs is a great choice:

Ahrefs offers an extensive keyword database. The Ahrefs keyword tool can help you find the keywords for any website. There’s also valuable information on each keyword, including monthly search volume, keyword difficulty, and other filters. Continuous updates to the software add new functionality which means you’ll always get the latest data.

The pricing of the Ahrefs is higher than Screaming Frog but its other features worth it. Some of the other potential uses for Ahrefs in website crawls include;

  • Analyzing competitor backlinks
  • Identifying broken links on your own website
  • Tracking keyword rankings over time
  • Researching new opportunities for link building
  • Structured data errors
  • Check canonical issues


  • Lite Plan: Starts at $99
  • Standard Plan: Starts at $199
  • Advanced Plan: Starts at $399
  • Enterprise Plan: Starts at $999

2. Netpeak Software

Netpeak Software is a company that develops software for SEO and website analysis. Their products include Netpeak Checker, which is a desktop application for analyzing websites, and Netpeak Spider, which is a web crawler for gathering data about websites.

As an alternative to Screaming Frog, Netpeak Software has many advantages. A few examples are listed below:

  1. Affordable than Screaming Frog.
  2. Try it for free before you purchase it.
  3. The interface is very user-friendly and easy to use.
  4. Provides detailed reports of your website’s SEO health, helping you to fix any problems quickly and easily.
  5. Actional SEO audit
  6. XML Sitemap Validation
  7. Internal age ranking checker

Pricing (1 years plan)

  • Lite plan: $20.80
  • Pro plan: $31.20
  • Business plan: $55.20

3. Moz Pro

There’s no doubt that Moz Pro is one of the best SEO tools in 2022. Just like Screaming Frog, it provides a complete website audit. Like the Screaming frog, Moz pro doesn’t show too much site data but still, it has a quality edge over Screaming Frog.

Here are the useful features of the Moz website crawler.

  1. Excellent user interface.
  2. Colourful reports that will make the report easy to understand.
  3. Prioritize issues and provide suggestions for fixing them.
  4. The crawl diagnostics feature uncover all site issues e.g. content duplication, titles, broken link, missed elements, etc.
  5. Provides instant site recrawl. Immediately gives you a complete site crawl once you fix the issues.
  6. Highlight the technical errors

For the first time, you can start with the free trial of 30 days and crawl up to 10 websites using the Moz pro site audit feature.

Pricing (Save 20% on yearly price)

  • Standard package: $79 /month
  • Medium package: $143 /month
  • Large: $239 /month
  • Premium: $479 /month

4. WebCEO

The WebCEO site audit tool is a powerful website auditing tool that can help you quickly identify and fix problems on your website. In addition to scanning your website, the tool provides a detailed report describing any issues it finds.

The report includes information on broken links, HTML errors, tags, and more. You can then use the WebCEO site audit tool to fix the problems it has found.

The pricing of the WebCEO is high than Screaming Frog. I won’t say that WebCEO is better than Screaming frog but it’s a competitive alternative.


  1. Provides overall SEO score of each page
  2. Details about the number of issues on each landing page
  3. Gives you a score for how mobile-friendly your website is.
  4. Page speed score.
  5. Show the average ranking position of each selected keyword.
  6. Last 30 days’ traffic and volume.
  7. Check valid URLs, schema markup, and critical parts of on-page SEO
  8. Analyze, h1 tags, images alt tags, robot.txt, XML sitemap, etc.

Pricing (Quarterly)

  • Startup: $99 for 3 months (one month free)
  • Agency Unlimted: $99 For three months + scanning fees (one month free)
  • Corporate: $299 for three months (one month free)

5. Screpy

Don’t worry if you’re not an SEO expert. Because this tool has covered you all. Screpy is a popular site audit tool that can be used as a Screaming frog alternative. The site audit tool helps website owners and SEO professionals to check the health of their sites.

In addition to on-page optimization and link building, the tool analyzes a website and produces a report.

There is no learning curve for using the tool, and all the factors it considers are explained in detail. As a result, it is a valuable tool for anyone looking to improve the SEO of their website.

Top Features

  1. Simple interface and AI-based analysis
  2. Personalized solutions for errors
  3. Title, images, response time, and image alt text details.
  4. Gives data about Structured data, DOM size, and H1 tags.
  5. Complete on-page SEO reports with scores.

The Scrappy SEO tools offer 14 day free trial for new users. While the pricing is also less than the Screaming frog.

Pricing (per month)

  • Lite: $2.5
  • Pro: $7.5
  • Advanced: $15

6. Semrush

Semrush Site Audit is a tool used to improve website SEO. It crawls your website and looks for errors that might be preventing your site from ranking well in search engines. Semrush also measures how well your website is optimized for specific keywords and provides suggestions on how to improve your SEO.

Semrush website audits are incredibly helpful in identifying technical SEO issues on your site  Neither tool is perfect, but both can give you a good idea of what needs to be fixed on your site.

Top Features

  1. Find and fix website errors
  2. Free SEO site audit tool
  3. The site audit tool will categorize all your problems into three different parts, errors, warnings, and notices.
  4. The tool reviews all technical SEO reports
  5. Gives you data about 4xx errors, slow pages, large pages, canonical pages, duplicate content, etc.
  6. Along with the Site audit tool Semrush also features other tools that might be suitable for digital marketing agencies.

To the new users, Semrush gives a free trial of 30 days which means you can explore this tool with every aspect of SEO. Compared to Screaming Frog Sermush provides more quality data.

Pricing (per month)

  • Pro: $119
  • Guru: $229
  • Business: $449

You can save up to 17% if buy any plan annually.

7. Page Modified

The Page Modified site audit SEO tool is a free online tool that analyzes a web page and produces a report detailing various elements. The tool provides each report of the page that could be improved to help boost its search engine rankings.

The report includes recommendations on things like improving title tags, meta descriptions, alt text, and other factors that can impact SEO. The Page Modified tool is easy to use and provides valuable insights that can help you improve your website’s SEO.

Top Features

  1. 5xx, 3xx, and 2xx HTTP status codes and URLs
  2. Mixed and duplicate content report
  3. In a free site audit, you can check up to 100 domain data.
  4. Complete website on-page and technical SEO reports


  • Personal plan: $5
  • Pro plan: $10
  • Business plan: $15
  • Enterprise plan: $50

The Page Modified SEO tool is cheaper than Screaming frog but it allows limited seats. However, the screaming frog offers you unlimited checks at a single price.


Screaming frog is a great tool for quickly identifying crawl errors on a website, but it can’t always identify problems with videos, social media links, keywords, and search volume.

While the Ahrefs, Moz, and Semrush tools are specifically designed to solve many issues on websites, they can also identify keywords, volume, and social media links. So if you’re looking for the comprehensive alternative tool of Screaming Frog that can help you troubleshoot all types of website errors, choose any of them.

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