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AppSumo Alternatives That You Need To Know 2022

Overall, AppSumo is a good platform for users to use. Not everyone will benefit from it, though. Some people would instead get a more significant share of the money, so they look for AppSumo alternatives.

Some platforms say that they are the same as AppSumo. Some people say that they are even better than the number one platform. These platforms should have all the good things about AppSumo without any of its bad things.

Top AppSumo Alternatives:

Here are AppSumo alternatives that you can check out today.

1.      StackSocial

The people who started StackSocial also started AppSumo around the same time. It has grown steadily over the years, but when it comes to SaaS deals, it hasn’t become as popular as AppSumo. This level of growth might not be as impressive as it seems since StackSocial is not precisely the same as AppSumo.

StackSocial has suggestions for deals on things like appliances, courses, and gadgets, in addition to SaaS products. In other words, StackSocial is more significant than most other platforms mentioned in this article. People go there for deals on more than just SaaS products.

The main problem with StackSocial is also that it is so big. People who visit the site also want to find deals on other things. On the other hand, it’s a great alternative to AppSumo because it’s so popular.


2.      SaasPirate

Another well-known alternative to AppSumo is SaasPirate. They offer discounts and deals on software that last for life. They have a lot of different types of SaaS, but CRM, eCommerce, and Analytics are the most popular ones. Some of the lifetime deals there can save you up to 90%.

There are more than 5,000 businesses and developers on the site. When you compare it to AppSumo, that’s not a significant number, but neither is the audience.


3.      SaasMantra

SaasMantra is a reasonably new marketplace, but it has many good features. SaasMantra is great because they work with the tool’s developer. For example, once they’ve found an excellent product to sell on the platform, they’ll work closely with the creator to determine the best way to show it off.

Of course, they usually have to lower the price if they have the best presentation. The catch is that most of the products they sell are still in beta, which many users know.


4.      DealMirror

Are you making software for business-to-business (B2B)? Then DealMirror is an excellent place to look. It began in 2016, intending to help businesses find the best b2B software. They are also working to make the prices of software more reasonable.

Since they have more than a million users, the platform is quite famous for software deals. The biggest problem is that not all developers can use it. It is not the right platform for you if you mostly make consumer software.



PitchGround is more than just a market for SaaS. They also help businesses in other ways and offer the same services as other SaaS marketplaces. The problem with PitchGround is that they don’t just focus on selling other people’s deals. Instead, they also sell their things.

These are some of the best apps you can use instead of AppSumo. It’s essential to look at each choice to see what it has to offer and whether or not it will help your business.


6.      Prime Deals for Life

Prime is a popular LTD platform for getting lifetime deals on SaaS from well-known SaaS companies. The founder of Prime left LTDF to start his LTD platform. He has a history of launching SaaS lifetime deals on software like SpyFu, Integrated, Landbot, Crello, MooSend, BigMarker, Piktochart, etc.

Prime has grown by leaps and bounds in a short amount of time. It is one of the SaaS LTD communities known for being clean and easy to use, even though they are known for being picky about who they let into the community. Because they are so strict about how profiles are made, you can join Prime LTD’s SaaS community to learn more about their deals.


How to Get Your Product on a Marketplace

Whether you use AppSumo or another SaaS marketplace, there are some things you can do to make sure your offer does well.

Check to see if your product works.

Before you promote your product on the market, it should be ready to go. Unfortunately, some vendors don’t make sure of this and sell products that aren’t polished. People end up getting frustrated when they sign up for simple software.

Instead of building a loyal following, you get people who don’t like you and then write bad reviews about you.

What are the qualities of a product that works? Here are some:

  • All of its parts and features should work.
  • There should already be people who pay.
  • Apps can talk to each other.

You can’t even call it finished or polished if your product doesn’t have these things.

Not Too Special

Is your product aimed at a particular group of people? If that’s the case, it might not be a good idea to launch on AppSumo or any other marketplaces mentioned here.

These markets work very well because they have a lot of customers. So, they are perfect for SaaS products with a broader audience.

Have a niche

AppSumo and app sumo alternatives need you to have at least three people on your team; that shouldn’t be too challenging, and it makes sense. It makes sure you’ll be able to handle things when people start sending you questions and signing up for your services.

Ensure that you have a plan.

When you want to launch in a market, you need a plan and a road map. It would help if you showed that you’re at least somewhat stable. Also, if you’re on too many marketplace sites, your chances of getting accepted on some sites may decrease. So, you should choose one place to sell your software deals and stick with it.

Fill out the application in full.

Some of these above sites have very strict rules about how to apply. So, ensure you are very thorough when filling out all the application requirements for a special deal. Make sure you don’t miss anything important.

If your application is accepted, they will first look at the product before putting it on the market. The reviewers will tell you what you can do to get better. Make sure you follow the suggestions they give you. You usually have to pay for recommendations like these, but you’re getting them free, so take advantage.



The appsumo alternatives can be better than appsumo because, For many people who run SaaS businesses, the answer is clear. It’s easier to go with the more common choice than to take a chance on a less common one. But that isn’t always true. Sometimes, it’s better to use a niche platform that’s more specific to your audience than one that’s more general.

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