Are Gaming Blogs Profitable?/ Everything You Need To Know

Are Gaming Blogs Profitable?/ Everything You Need To Know

Are you a gamer who wants to start your own gaming blog? Then one question must hit your mind, which is, are gaming blogs profitable? This is a good question to ask, as if the blog isn’t profitable and can’t be monetized, there is no benefit to creating it.

Quick Answer- Yes, undoubtedly, gaming blogs are very profitable and, to be honest, way more profitable than you think.

Do you know how? Let’s find out!

What Is A Gaming Blog?

Gaming blogs are the only sites that are focused exclusively on video games as well as game culture. 

Gaming blogs are typically created by gamers for gamers or gaming industry experts They provide reviews, news, previews, and opinions on games. 

Gamers enjoy gaming blogs for their unique perspectives and the opportunity to express their opinions about the games they enjoy (or dislike).

Are Gaming Blogs Profitable For Real?

It’s true that gaming blogs can be profitable and you can earn a profit that you couldn’t imagine you would be able to earn.

Yes, you heard that right. How? It’s because the gaming industry has grown way more than one can imagine. As of now, the whole gaming industry in the world is worth $200+. 

I’m not even kidding. Not to mention that experts predict a +60billion increase in value in the coming years. 

So, if you create a blog targeting any of the gaming niches, you’re definitely not going to regret it. You’ll be earning a great amount per month if you know how to run a gaming blog properly.

The Drawbacks Of Gaming niches?

Competition in Gaming Industry is the real deal. You can’t deny it. The bigger the gaming industry, the higher the competition in it. I’d consider this a big drawback to getting into the gaming niche. 

There are already a lot of gaming bloggers and their blogs that you’d be in competition with. like, Kotaku, Wolf’s Gaming Blog, Niche Gamer, The Game Fanatics and the list goes on and on. 

Since these blogs have been around for years, it’d be difficult for any new gaming blog to stand out among them. 

So, what’s the solution? Does it mean that there is no room in the gaming industry for you to make some bucks? Well, there is a way to get rid of the competition and earn a profit.

What’s The Way?

The way is simple; pick a gaming niche that is new to the market and uncovered by the big gaming fish. 

Look, if you make a blog targeting the niches that have already been covered by the big gaming blogs mentioned above, then there is no way you’re going to stand out. 

These gaming blogs won’t let you even appear a little higher on the SERP. Thus, it’s better to pick up the gaming niche that is untouched or at least touched less.

How Will You Find Such A Niche?

Do you know what the best thing about the gaming industry is? It’s continuously in progress. New and innovative games are being created almost every day in order to differentiate themselves from the competition. 

Go deeper into those games and try to find the one which has low to thin competition for you to compete in. We’re sure that among these games, there must be some that might be too new, and not many gaming blogs have covered them yet. 

So, choose a game and create a gaming blog about it. This is the only way to stand out in the crowd in the gaming industry. Isn’t that the best way?

How Are Gaming Blogs Profitable?

We know that gaming blogs are profitable, but how are they profitable? This might be the question you’re wondering about. 

So, let us tell you, the reason why these blogs are profitable is that there are a variety of monetization methods. Let’s talk about these monetization methods.

1) Show Ads On Your Blog

This method might be the most obvious one. Just run the ads on your blog and you’ll be earning a great income per month. What ad network should you choose? Most people prefer Adsense, which is indeed a good ad network. 

You can utilize this too. However, there are other ad networks that are far better than AdSense and give you a great cost per click.

such as:

  • Ad-thrive.
  • Propeller Ads.
  • Ezoic.
  • Mediavine.

You can go for any of them.

2) Do Affiliate Marketing

95% of people read reviews of products before they buy them. to ensure that they’re not making the wrong purchase. Products in the gaming industry are paid games. 

You can do affiliate marketing for any online game that people need to buy to play. You can write honest reviews about the game and include your affiliate link. You’ll get a commission if someone buys the game through your link.

But, what if you couldn’t get any paid games to do the affiliate marketing? Then you can review video games. Choose any of the best video games, then review them and place your affiliate link on them to earn a commission on each purchase.

3) Sell Your Own Gaming ProductsAre Gaming Blogs Profitable?/ Everything You Need To Know

Why sell other people’s products? Why not yours? If you have some cash on you and you want to do gaming business with it, then buy some of the gaming products and then start selling them on your gaming blogs. 

You can write reviews about them or you can run paid ads for them. This way, you’ll not get a commission but the whole product’s price. Isn’t that great?

4) Show Sponsored Ads

There are many gaming companies out there that get their games promoted on gaming blogs. 

All you have to do is to find such companies by heading over to their official sites and then telling them that you can promote their games. 

Or, If your blog has great traffic and has become quite famous, then the companies will reach out to you directly to run ads. Trust us, they’ll pay you a handsome amount.

These are monetization methods for any gaming blog.

Final Verdict

Are gaming blogs profitable? You only need a good gaming niche and a good monetization method. We’ve told you how you could get both of these. But still, if you need our help, you can always connect with us through the comment section. We’d love to help you out.

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