Best Blogs about the Future in 2022

Best Blogs about the Future 2022

Have you found an article, video, notes, comments, or images that fundamentally change how you see yourself or the world? One moment with a broad consequence like that sounds impossible. Pull your jaw from the floor to these blogs about the future, and you integrate what you learn, evolve, and are hungry to eat next. The next idea is to improve your life. Wisdom kernel that will overhaul your existence.

If you crave insight as I thought you did, you were lucky. Some people, some outlets, provide bright ideas in this world Sunday by week. If you are ready for that, these are 10 of the most developed and attractive online blogs today.

Some top-class blogs about the future:


1 – Happiness outside the mind

Permata, hidden in the sea of ​​information, happiness outside the mind, is a warehouse of Gary Weber’s ideas. Blogs about the future appear through the insistence of Zen and Yoga teachers because Gary’s insight and perspective are too valuable to be stored only for one individual.

Spending years on the inside track, working to surpass the ego and duality, Gary will change your opinion about himself in just a few short sentences.


2 – Sam Harris

Sam Harris, a favourite philosopher of everyone who is a neurologist, is best known for his best-selling books or podcast, wake up.

His blog post may be less well-known at the intersection of awareness, morality, and neurological science. Combining academic rigidity with profound philosophical insight, Sam will question everything from the origin of thought to the concept of free will.


3 – High Existence

Do you want to survive? Or do you want to develop? It is a driving question behind high existence, an online publication that gathers followers by helping people follow their happiness and live beautiful lives.

With broad topics such as psychedelics as a tool for self-improvement, how to save humanity and even ‘spiritual obstacle courses,’ each article functions as a stepping stone to your self-actualization.

There is no known limit for human welfare, and the high existence team testing it, seeing how extraordinary this human experience is. If you want to improve your own life, why not work on yourself or avoid some public traps?


4 – Wait but why

The idea of ​​the urban team, wait, but why has it become a classic cult on the internet, even attracting high-profile readers like Elon Musk? With an intelligent and complete approach to writing, the team brings you from N00B to “Damn, you know your bullshit” in one post.

Never retreats from the challenges of overcoming the main topics, wait, but why diving into managing relationships, exponential technology, and how to spend your time well – all with some hilarious stick images to praise it.


5 – Neurohacer Collective

Neurohacker Collective has set very audacious goals with a mission declared to advance human sovereignty. But if their blog indicates that these people have the intelligence to overcome them.

It is a relief when publications respect the intelligence of their readers. We are ready to dive into details and understand things at a deep and fundamental level – which the Neurohacer team is happy to require.


6 – Future thinker

Of course! Focusing on the evolution of technology, society, and awareness, we will minimize and take views as high as 30,000 feet about ourselves and society. Like dropping a nuclear bomb on your beliefs that limit yourself, we hope to make you start thinking about how to design your dreams.

From solving plastic pollution to the value of universal basic income systems to being enlightened in your life – our goal is to make abstracts and give you the toolkit needed to change yourself and the world.


7 – Derek Sivers

Derek Sivers must be included in the list of widespread material. In concise prose, the crane filtering decades of experience becomes valuable wisdom of life, helping everyone for humans a little better.

Many modern self-development teachers owe their insight to this person as the original creator of the “Hell or no” decision-making framework. Focusing on creating an elegant existence, you will continue to return to the words and attract more profound insights every time.


8 – Futurism

This one is, of course, easy. Futurism is a digital publication that focuses on the future. Continuously covering the edge of the bleeding innovation, you find nanotechnology works, deep space exploration, renewable energy systems, and augmented reality, only for some names.

For anyone interested in the future and anyone ready to start building it-futurism provides a long-term background and perspective needed to deliver the future of humanity.


9 – Slate Star Codex

With a name like this, you already know that you are treating. Another unusual internet gem, Scott Alexander, travelled a quail through science, medicine, philosophy, and politics and sprinkled everything with futuristic salt.

A little direct, with a witty tone and fresh perspective, every taking is like wiping your opinion clean and rebuilding it from the bottom up. Like an excellent mental piece, each post is built based on the basic knowledge of the previous one, and you build a beautiful mental landscape with words.


10 – Third Wave

Using the right, safe, and deliberate psychics can produce an unprecedented rate of human growth in society. It is a fascinating concept. Unfortunately, the dominant framework of legal regulations and public opinion is not yet open to the idea. The third wave will change it. Bring an intelligent approach driven by science for psychedelics, and microdoses, in particular, jump.

What will you include?

It is just a countless sense of insight available to us today.

Is there a blog or resource that you think should be included here?

Tell us what and why – so we can continue to expand our minds and build the future with blogs about the future.



We all, somewhere in our minds, want to know a lot about the future. There are many things in life we do not know about, but some blogs still tell you how to make assumptions, and experts might give you some ideas. These blogs about the future mentioned above will cover your views and let you explore many new things.


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