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Blog Submission Sites are the type of website that allows you to publish your blog on their platform, and if it is accepted, they will let you host it for a fee. You can submit your blog to these sites, and if your blog is received, the site will host it for a fixed period for which you have to pay. The best part about these sites is that they are free to use.
In addition, they have a built-in platform where you can publish your blog posts. Unlike other sites, these platforms allow you to customize your blog according to your needs and preferences. For example, you can change your blog’s colors, fonts, layouts, and content. Some even offer SEO tools where you can optimize your content for search engines like Google and Yahoo! Blogging is an incredible way to build traffic for your website or blog. In addition, it helps attract new readers who want to learn more about what you have written on your site or blog.

Why use Blog Submission Sites

There are some of the most popular blog submission sites that you can use to get backlinks. These sites will help you increase your website’s search engine ranking, authority, and more. You can use blog submission sites to increase your website’s exposure and get more traffic.
These backlinks will help improve your rankings on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. When you have more backlinks pointing to your website, it becomes easier for people who search that is related to your website and find you wrote in an article. There are many reasons to use blog submission sites, and the most important one is that it can increase your DA.

Top 10 Free Blog Submission Sites with High DA

  • Alltop

First Site is Alltop with DA 69 made by social media expert Guy Kawasaki. Alltop is a well-known blog submission site that has been around for more than ten years. This blog submission site has been developed by Guy Kawasaki and his team, who are also the creators of Social Media Examiner and The Art of Social Media.
The best thing about this blog submission site is that it provides free submission services to new and established bloggers who want to publish their work on websites like Alltop, Digg, and Reddit. I think that this is one of the best sites available today where you can submit your articles without paying anything at all. Still, I suggest you use this only if you don’t want to spend any money because it can sometimes be pretty costly depending on how many people will visit your website after submitting their articles.

  • Blog Flux

The second website is Blog Flux, with a DA of 53. This website has almost 150,000 featured blogs and more than 1.2 million page views daily. It has an excellent signal-to-noise ratio and is a good place for beginners to start their blog.
If you don’t have any articles yet, you can create them from scratch or use one of their templates, which are available for both WordPress and Drupal users. Once an article is ready for submission, you can upload it through a simple drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to use and add content to your site. Once you’re finished adding content, there are several ways to publish and share it with others.

  • Blogarama

Blogarama is the third blog submission site with 63 DA. It is a well-known site for its unique design and user-friendly interface with s more than 1000 free articles, which are updated daily. You can submit your blog post free of cost.
Blogarama offers a free service for bloggers to submit their blogs to various popular blog directories, including Digg and Stumbleupon. They also provide paid services for more significant sites that require more traffic.

  • On Top List

On number four, a blog submission site called On Top List has a DA of 42. This is an excellent blog submission site, and it has high traffic. You can also submit your blog on this website by giving them your blog link, and they will show you the page where they want you to add your link to verify that you are not a robot who is writing a blog.
The process is easy and fast, so don’t worry about how long it takes as long as you follow the rules in their terms of service agreement.

  • Blog Adda

Another common blog submission site is Blog Adda. This site accepts all types of blogs and allows you to submit your content on this platform. The best part about Blog Adda is that it has a lot of other features as well. For instance, you can upload images, videos, audio files, and much more on this platform. Unfortunately, it doesn’t allow you to upload content in bulk or with attachments.

  • Blog Hub

Blog Hub is a blog submission site with over 10 million monthly visitors and over 5 million inbound links. It delivers top-quality traffic to your blog, whether it’s an existing one or your first ever one.
Blog Hub offers premium services to help you gain more exposure and traffic. In addition, they have a team of experienced writers happy to work on your behalf.

  • Blogs Collection

Another blog submission site is Blogs Collection. This site doesn’t have many features, but it has a great design and is easy to use. The only thing I don’t like about this site is that they don’t allow you to download the content from their site.
However, this website also has a lot of great blogs for you to choose from, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t check this out if you’re looking for new blogs to write for your blog.


Indiblogger. in is a famous blog submission site with DA of 51,000 to 60,000. It has over 2 million visits per month and many followers from all over the world.
Indiblogger. in is one of the best blog submission sites for bloggers who want to make money online by promoting their blogs and websites on other websites. The main advantage of Indiblogger is that it gives you free traffic and visitors every day so that you can build your blog faster than any other site in the market.You can also earn money by selling your products or services through your blog or website.
This will require more time and effort because you have to create them before promoting them on the internet and then sell them at a higher price than what they initially cost you when you made them!

  • Blog Engage

Blog Engage is a blog submission site with a DA of 45. Blog Engage has one of the best quality control systems on the market and thus ensures that your work is published professionally. In addition, our editors can work with you to ensure that your content is suitable and fits within our guidelines.

  • Entire Web

Entire Web is the site of blog submission with DA 52.5.4. Entire Web provides host for those who wish to post their work on DA 52 without a deal with the complications of publishing their site.
Everything from posting, commenting, and editing your posts is done through our site, and you do not need to worry about technical details like HTML or server setup. We also provide several templates you can use and an easy way to submit your posts and get them approved right away!




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