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Blogs about the Future: Predictions of Future

The primary reason people write blogs about the future is to share their passion for their predictions about futurism.

Some people want to educate others through blogging as they would want to teach others what the future may be like and in this way, they will be able to know more about the future. This article is about discussing the 10 different blogs about the future that have different perspectives.

1. The World Is Awful. The World Is Much Better. The World Can Be Much Better.

This blog has highlighted that humans often mention that the world is awful and rarely say that the world is much better. They have mixed statements about the world that are either negative or positive, but rarely positive.

With time, things tend to change and get better, but humans never appreciate it. They are stuck in the fact that “why do I have to face problems?” Even if a small problem arises, they make the world awful.
The world can still be a better place as we know times change. Nothing in this world remains constant, and so bad times are temporary too. The author, Dr Max Roser, related this ideology to the death of children.

Every single day, children ageing from infants to teenagers die due to certain reasons. The statement that the world can be much better is based on the fact that the future is unpredictable, but there is still hope for things to progress in the future.

There are mixed views about how the world can be made better, but all these are just assumptions based on data, while the future does not depend on any data.

2. When the Dark Web meets the Metaverse

This blog is about the Dark Web, which people most certainly use for illegal practices to stay anonymous around the World Wide Web.

Since the metaverse is becoming more and more realistic, the practice of the dark web is most likely seen in the future like the trauma that participants experience from the sexual harassment, bullying, stalking, hate speech, exploitation, and assaults they are exposed to there.

This blog shares the idea that most individuals like to think of metaverse as a get-away from the problems of the real world and make their idealistic world in which they are comfortable.

We shouldn’t be surprised to perceive that as participants progressively travel within this cyberspace, it will soon develop into the real world.

It is believed by the author that the metaverse will begin to evolve into a series of parallel institutions for law enforcement, along with the necessary penal system. And the communities of that time will have to be convinced to embrace societal norms set by metaverse leaders.

3. Horrific Simulation: Nuclear War Would Kill Five Billion People

We are all aware of the political instabilities each country faces, like the Russian-Ukraine dispute. The only question is, what would happen if a nuclear war breaks out?
Climate scientists devised a terrifying simulation to find answers and the results are nothing short of apocalyptic. This blog is about educating people about the consequences of the outbreak of nuclear war.

There will be waves of terror, fear, and dead bodies everywhere. The scenery is horrifying, as there will be nothing but famine, radiation, and a dismantling climate.

4. Google Maps to add “immersive view”

Google Maps is one of the most common apps for travel use. It helps you move around to a foreign country or even to local places where you haven’t been before.

It has many features that make it the best app, but at its annual I/O developer conference held in California, Google announced key features being added to further enhance its appearance and functionality.
A new “immersive view” feature will be added to the app that will enhance the graphics of the app. This will provide radical views of cities in full 3D, complete with simulated cars, actual-time weather, realistic day/night cycles, shadow effects, water reflections, and even animations like birds flying through the sky.

This way the app will be user-friendly and visiting a new place will not be overwhelming. The blog shows how the future is being made easy with applications and technology.

5. Walmart expands drone delivery service

Technology is evolving so fast around us. Things are as easy as you don’t have to step out for groceries. Your groceries will now be delivered by drone. In November 2021, Walmart launched a drone delivery program, able to carry packages directly to customers’ homes. Only a single town in Arkansas could take advantage of this service, however, and the idea still feels like something from science fiction.

Walmart is still working on this program so that many customers around the state can get items. Walmart says that initially, it believed customers would use drones for “emergency items”.

A relatively small number of customers who use the existing service have given positive feedback, according to the company.

6. First image of the black hole at the Milky Way’s core

A black Hole is a region in space where gravity is so strong that nothing can resist energy. Recently, the Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration produced an image of a Black Hole in space.

This could yield valuable clues about the workings of such giants, which are thought to lurk at the centre of most galaxies.’ Although we cannot see the black hole itself, because it is completely dark, the glowing gas around it is called a “shadow.”


7. Scientists may be able to fight global warming by supercharging plankton

Global warming is becoming a serious problem as it is affecting the environment and affecting human health. This blog is about how scientists are making use of phytoplankton to improve the effects of global warming.

Phytoplankton is an organism that’s already responsible for producing 50 percent of the oxygen in our atmosphere from carbon dioxide and sunlight. Scientists believe that this ideology is simply to practice. Phytoplankton has a common way of blooming, which is Iron. Scientists will have to place iron into the iron-deficient parts of the oceans.

This way there will be more phytoplanktons in the oceans, the more carbon dioxide will get sucked, thus giving the world more oxygen to breathe and making a difference.

8. Ketchup and Pasta Sauce might get pricey because of climate change

Lonnie Lee Hood published this blog. Food prices will inevitably be sky high due to the record-breaking drought. Yesterday, Bloomberg reported that California, the top global tomato producer, is going through the worst drought in 1,200 years.
As the drought is growing, farmers are facing high inflation and they cannot afford fertilizers and fuel for machinery. This is how the tomato supply will run short and so the prices will run high.

9. Supply Chain Shortages Making Hurricane Season Even Scarier

The hurricane season has struck in, making civilians and leaders afraid that the supply chain will face shortages. Hurricanes produce strong winds that blow everything that comes in between them, often leading to heavy rainfall resulting in flooding, tornadoes, and rip currents.

This blog was written to make people aware of the effects of a hurricane season and that actions must be taken to avoid collateral damage.

10. New study claims that antidepressants don’t lead to a better quality of life

Doctors believe that treating depression with medication is not the only solution. Scientists still haven’t figured out what depression is and so antidepressants prove to be pointless.
Data shows that many patients facing depression take antidepressants, but only some claim them to be useful. The remaining believe that there’s not much quantifiable improvement in antidepressant users’ quality of life. Patients who take antidepressants find it difficult to live through their days without thinking they can face daily life without swallowing a pill.
This blog is all about how depression should be taken care of. Instead of medicating with antidepressants, there are tons of other practices that naturally increase serotonin levels.


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