ClosersCopy review/ AI writing tool

ClosersCopy review/ AI writing tool

Years of practice are necessary to become proficient at copywriting. Because of this, most businesses hire a professional copywriter on the outside. However, this will be pricey, and you will also have to deal with the copywriter’s back and forth, which may be annoying. Here, AI writing tools like ClosersCopy can help you out.

What is ClosersCopy?

ClosersCopy offers you the services to make writing easier. German copywriting software facilitates the automatic creation of writings in 120 different languages. One may use the vast library of templates provided by ClosersCopy to create content for their website and company.

However, the actual value is seen when you build your frameworks and connect them to construct bespoke processes with ClosersCopy’s proprietary AI. They will spoon-feed you AI-produced material from ready-made templates that are on par with all the others.

Features of ClosersCopy

The position of has improved during the past three months, rising from 216,106 to 185,049 due to its diversity of features. Regardless of your level of experience, you will gain from this tool because it will make writing more accessible and enjoyable thanks to its outstanding features.

There are several programs like ClosersCopy accessible. However, the ClosersCopy review shows that it stands out from the competition owing to its exceptional features such as:

1. SalesAI

SalesAI is a specific form of artificial intelligence that aids software in creating copies that precisely meet customer needs. It is impressive how a digital process may produce outcomes comparable to genuine sales conversations and marketing campaigns.

2. Long-form

Long-form makes copies devoid of any constraints, limitations, and filters. To create high-quality copies, enter a text and click the Write button. It permits a big word limit of 3000.

3. Frameworks

One of the primary factors influencing CloserCopy’s quick performance is the availability of 50+ plug-and-play marketing frameworks. After completing a particular input, please sit back and relax as ClosersCopy does the rest for you; moreover, it is rapid.

4. SEO

The SEO component is crucial if you use ClosersCopy for a blogging website. The ClosersCopy crawls the web before assisting you in writing the most acceptable version that will rank. By writing content that Google would enjoy, you may improve the SEO of your website.

5. Megathron

ClosersCopy’s brand-new feature, The Megathron, sets it apart from all other AI content-generating technologies. With this feature, users may create lengthy material and obtain an outline. When you turn on the Megathron toolbar feature, your copies automatically generate summaries and keywords.

ClosersCopy Pricing and Plans

ClosersCopy review/ AI writing tool

Many of you will ask: Is ClosersCopy free? The answer is Yes, but ClosersCopy free trial will not do much than the paid trial. The monthly CloserCopy subscription has three price tiers. If you want to pay yearly up front, you may save 30%; otherwise, you can spend more if you choose to pay monthly.

There are good price tiers for this service. Let’s examine various plans to help determine which is best for you.

Power Plan

For $49.99 per month, the Power Plan offers Guidance & Advice, an AI editor, a thesaurus, a template library, an SEO audit, and more. The yearly plan saves you up to 30% and is charged around $419.90 for Power Plan. ClosersCopy also has a lifetime deal pricing of $441 or $147 in three instalments.

Superpower Plan

For $79.99 per month or $671.90 per year, the Superpower Plan offers Unlimited AI authoring, Unlimited SEO Audit and Planning, 3 Seats, Unlimited Update, and more. If you want to save some more money, then the Superpower Lifetime deal can be subscribed for $561 as a one-time payment or $187 for three instalments.

Superpower Squad Plan

Superpower Squad Plan seems more similar to Superpower Plan but has 5 seats and costs $99.99 monthly. You can also get it for $839.90 per year to save 30% payment. Like the previous two plans, Superpower Squad Plan also has a lifetime deal pricing at $741 as a one-time payment or three instalments of $247.

Pros and cons of ClosersCopy

Regarding ClosersCopy review 2022, the traffic volume to ClosersCopy has grown by 49.63% from last month. ClosersCopy can be a fantastic option if you are seeking a distinctive AI copywriting program with an extensive range of capabilities and access to 127 different languages. However, take into account the advantages and disadvantages listed below.


  • The most acceptable lifetime bargain for AI writing software is offered here. AI that will naturally compose copies according to the preferences of your clients.
  • ClosersCopy makes use of its own exclusive AI writing techniques.
  • Solid and significant communities offer several frameworks and lessons.
  • You may save a ton of time and money using ClosersCopy.
  • You can work in a team with both informal and official addresses.
  • Three alternative AI algorithms are available through ClosersCopy to accommodate various needs.
  • Several pre-built templates, a helpful wizard tool, and an editor and UI are intuitive.
  • ClosersCopy is very user-friendly, inexpensive, and worth the cost.


  • ClosersCopy doesn’t include grammar and plagiarism checking, which is a significant flaw.
  • With more than 300 integrated templates and frameworks, one may design templates and frameworks.
  • Additionally, new users may encounter severe difficulties since the software has no official manual.
  • There are several flaws with ClosersCopy’s faulty AI content production.
  • ClosersCopy’s insights feature offers fundamental, low-level insights.
  • Lower plans are more constrained than those of competing tools ClosersCopy because characters rather than words restrict them.


The ClosersCopy review 2022 will undoubtedly persuade you to invest in an AI writing solution to automate your article production routine. The AI writing tool enables you to produce material faster than before.

Because of its capabilities to write sales copy, ad descriptions, blog posts, and even emails, ClosersCopy is distinctive. With careful text editing, it can produce writing that is virtually human-like.

It offers a sizable template library that you may use to create content for your company’s website and blog. ClosersCopy can quickly produce sales text, Facebook ads, blog articles, emails, Google Ads, and more.


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