When it comes to mastering Google Search, the learning curve is a little unusual. Even if you’ve been using it for years, you still know how to search for it. Nonetheless, the search engine has a number of clever methods at its disposal.
Here are a few of the most beneficial Google tricks, ranging from the most fundamental to the most recent additions.

Google Tricks for Fun:

Google is indispensable to the vast majority of Internet users. We turn to Google on a daily basis to quench our insatiable curiosity. Let’s take a look at a few of the Google tricks that it has up its sleeve.
What’s the point of all of these Google gimmicks, you could ask. These Google tricks serve no purpose.
These Google tidbits are fun. This is something you can show your pals to showcase how cool you are.
List of Google Tricks for fun:
-Make a barrel roll
-Atari Breakout
-Google Gravity
-Thanos Snap Trick
-Zerg Rush
-Google Sky
-The F.R.I.E.N.D.S Trick

Google Tricks and Hacks:

In a sense, Google has become the public face of the internet. Google has come a long way since its beginnings as a simple browser. Consequently, Google is the only way for everyone to access the internet.
Despite its simplicity, Google is the most commonly used web browser, even for basic queries. Time is saved as a result of using Google Tricks and Hacks. Everyone can utilize them since they make life easier.
People are always on the lookout for new Google tricks and hacks, especially since the search engine and its many other features are so widely used. These Google tricks and hacks are meant to help you get the most out of Google’s services and have a little fun while doing so.
Hack #1: Chrome History (on multiple devices!):
This topic fits Google Chrome History (on several devices!). You’re looking for a website you visited yesterday. You’ve visited many browsers since yesterday, so returning to one won’t work. Chrome history helps here.
Chrome History is accessible by clicking the three dots (or snowman) in the window’s upper-right corner.
When you hover over History, eight of your recent sites appear. Clicking History displays all the sites you’ve visited in Chrome, arranged by date. You can search your history on multiple Chrome devices using the same account.
Hack #2: Reopen Closed Tab
Right-click and select “Reopen Closed Tab”. Chrome opens the last closed tab with two clicks. Further, if you right-click and click “Reopen Closed Tab” again, Chrome will open the second-to-last closed tab, and so on. Your tabs are saved. It’s a time-saving function.
Hack #3: Control to open in a new tab
You can instruct Chrome to start a new tab when you click a link while holding down the control button. With this technique, you can start a new tab while preserving the previous one.
Even so, all it takes is one click. As simple as this trick may seem at first glance, I bet it will become your go-to method of saving time.
Hack #4: Copy multiple files in Drive
Right-clicking a Drive file lets you duplicate it. Clicking “Make a copy” with multiple files chosen. This technique is faster than right-clicking and copying on every website.
Hack #5: Google Search Settings & Tools
In Google Images, videos, etc., look under Tools to search for copyright content. This changes everything!
In Google Search, click Settings. Turn on SafeSearch under Settings. Now that you know about Google’s settings and tools, you’ll be more likely to explore them.

Google Tricks like Holi:

Playing Holi on your smartphone has never been easier. Google has come up with a novel way to do it. When a user browses for the term “Holi,” Google will display three bowls full of different colored powders.
A burst of color will pop up when you click on one of the bowls of colors. If the user keeps tapping anywhere on the screen, colors will continue to splash across the device. This makes the screen look more festive and brings to mind a party.
When someone wanted to return to their devices or start again from the beginning, Google added a water droplet on top of the display.
The drop just arises of its own volition. After tapping or clicking on the droplet, all of the colors are washed away, allowing the user to start over or work on something new.
In addition, users should be aware that the splashes of color will only appear in the search window and not in other portions of the screen, such as the Google search bar on cellphones or the URL address bar on browsers.

Google Useful Tricks:

Google search is used by millions of individuals every day for a variety of purposes. Students, business professionals, and millions of others all use it for different purposes. However, it’s possible that the majority of people aren’t taking advantage of all that Google search has to offer.
If you want to utilize Google search more effectively and fast, here are some tips. We’ve compiled Google useful tricks to help you get the most out of your time on the web.
-Use the tabs
-Use quotes
-Use a colon to search specific sites
-Use a hyphen to exclude words
-Use the asterisk wildcard
-Find a page that links to another page
-Use Google search to do math
-Find sites that are similar to other sites
-Search a range of numbers
-Search for multiple words at once.
In terms of conducting research, Google’s search engine is unbeatable. If you utilize these tricks and hacks, you can find anything and everything you could possibly need on the web.
Even if you’re just looking for a way to save some time, there’s a way to make Google search work for you. Regardless of how hard you search.

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