How Can I Find Most Popular Travel Blog Topics?

How Can I Find Most Popular Travel Blog Topics?

Are you passionate about travelling to eye-catching locations and exploring novice cultures? If yes, you may also entertain the idea of writing travel blogs. Furthermore, you can afford a lavish lifestyle while publishing travel blog topics. The latter is among the top-rated blogging niches and generates a healthy lump sum of money.

However, your question remains unanswered; that is

How can I find the most popular travel blog topics?

Content creation while travelling isn’t a cup of cake for everyone. Visiting merry places and witnessing ancient architecture is enough to overwhelm you. That’s why you are prone to suffer writer’s block while travelling. Having no travel blog post ideas might irk you to leave this niche.

But before taking any wild decisions, look at this read.

As we are about to reveal the 15 most popular travel blog topics with you to boost your blog reach and audience. For more info, head down below.

What Should I Talk About In A Travel Blog?

How Can I Find Most Popular Travel Blog Topics?

Are you hunting for travel blog topics for beginners? If you are about to write your first travel blog, use this simple hint to structure a creative and attention-grabbing read.

The road to creating a free-flowing and high-traffic blog is by sharing your travel experience through storytelling. Write about how to reach your destination and how costly it was to give the readers the insights to book a trip there. Additionally, talking about your trip’s food and revealing the picturesque side of your site boost your audience reach.

However, if you are stuck on finding ideas for your travel blog. Read more to find out the 10 best travel blog topics in 2022.


10 Interesting Travel Blog Ideas 2022

Following are some of the high-traffic generating travel blog topics for you


1.      Spill Your Day Trips

If you’re a travel monger, it is very convenient for you to pen your day trips about a specific city or site you are about to visit.

For instance, here in New York, a lot of tourist look for “how to spend your day in Manhattan?” and similar searches.

It’s one of the engaging travel blog ideas because the list of your favorite travel destinations won’t be ending soon.

These popular examples can be your next travel blog title:

  •       Day Trips Around Melbourne
  •       Day Trips By Train From London
  •       Day Trips From Edinburgh


2.      Reveal Your Road Trips

It can be your travel blog topic if you’re an avid fan of road trips, discovering new paths that lead to hidden waterfalls or indigenous villages.

Also, you can add a lot of variations to this idea. For instance, what are the essentials of a road trip in the southwest or how to take your children on a road trip to the Pacific Northwest?

You can also share road trips hacks with your audience such as which hotel to use, what food to eat, and the best season to take any trip to form an online wanderlust community.


3.      Work Out On Weekend Trips

If you relish discovering every nook and corner of a particular city or destination, weekend trips are the way to go. You might also prefer penning down your experience in your travel blog.

Extensive and detail-oriented reads stimulate readers to know more about your traveling journey. That’s why you can create multiple blogs out of your solo weekend trip.

For instance, if you’re based nearby Vancouver, getting out into the woods to explore nature sounds like a perfect weekend trip.


4.      Try Scenic Drives

If you savour the scenery of exotic locations, take a scenic drive and write a blog about this novel adventure. Unlike road trips, scenic drives are primarily focused on telling the ambience of the place you’re exploring by car or cruiser.

Scenic drives bring significant traffic to your site because it offers endless variety and customization within your content.

Also, travel blogs on scenic drives serve your space to incorporate storytelling in them. They are easy to cover regardless of your travel destination or residence.


5.      Go On A Train Ride

If you are an old-school traveller who craves to explore voyages of ancient times, train rides can be among your favourite travel blog topics.

Train rides take you back to the classic era of timeless travelling. Moreover, train rides give you many blogging ideas to work with.

For instance, you can review a specific train route or curate the picturesque railways of all time.

Also, you can pen a listicle about the best train rides across your region. If you’re about to take a train, Switzerland and Canada can serve you the purpose of lavish railways worldwide.


6.      Look Into Public Transportation

Exploring public transportation in a foreign land is among the top-rated travel blog topics. You can try different options to experience the raw lifestyle of any location. For instance, you can move around the city in a rental car, on subways, on metros, or on foot.

Later on, you can compare what suits you best there and share your voyage on your blog. In addition, you can pen the pros and cons of various public means of transport alongside their affordability.

You can add this travel blog topic in the “what to do” article, which has enough headlines to expand your article, although it can do wonders as a standalone blog.


7.      Explore the Nightlife

Some cities look entirely different once the sun sets. They are known for their exotic and lavish nightlife. Dancing water fountains, glittery nightclubs, and bustling casinos, these nightlife-based attractions are the heart of some cities.

Thereby, “things to do at night time” should be a featured article on your travel blog.

Choose these prompts to structure your next travel blog:

  •       Explore the Nightlife of New York City
  •       Things to do at Night in Barcelona
  •       What Los Angeles Offers You at Night

8.      Discover Festivals and Rituals

Destinations with diverse rituals and rich cultures attract many tourists worldwide. Some towns and cities hold their significant festivals every year, which are subject of interest to numerous wanderlusts.

Therefore, creating an article on festivals and rituals is a fascinating travel topic for your blog. Moreover, you can curate festivals in terms of their season and niche.

Also, you can pen your firsthand experience of attending any festival to gain your reader’s attention.

For instance, these travel blogging ideas can work well

  •       Things You Must Experience During Chinese New Year
  •       What to Expect From Holi Festival?
  •       Highs and Lows of Halloween Parties

9.      Search For the Museums

If you’re a fan of old-school literature or a science geek, museums are the must place for you to visit during your stay in a foreign land. Additionally, if you touring a big city with your children, the museum offers a wide range of learning to unwind your kids.

Thereby helping people find the best museums and curating a top-viewed travel blog post.

Likewise other blog topics, the key here is to narrow your niche to a particular angle. For example, the best free museums across England or the top 10 museums for kids can be your perfect travel blog title.

Although, you can direct your blog post to solve queries of a fellow traveller. In particular, many explorers find it hard to decide how much time a museum can consume. For that reason, you can highlight the museums that don’t ask for much time to engage better with your audience.

10.  Go Set A Campfire

Every travelling journey is incomplete if you don’t set foot in nature. If you’re an admirer of outdoor adventures, you project your passion into your travel blog post.

This type of blog post is my jam, and it’s a lot of stuff we do over on my blog, Territory Supply.

No matter where you’re heading, this niche is among the low-competition topics. The latter increases your chances of ranking your content on a search browser.

Target the small cities and towns, and explore the fun and adventurous activities such as hiking, backpacking, or camping to create above-average travel blog posts.

Some fascinating travel blog topics are:

  •       Easy Day Hikes in North California
  •       Top Outdoor Activities in Seattle
  •       Best Car Camping For Kids in Auckland

How Do I Start A Good Travel Blog?

How Can I Find Most Popular Travel Blog Topics?

If you’re a beginner who is trying your luck with travel blog posting, follow these steps to curate a good travel blog:

  1.       Choose an exciting domain name that is linked to travelling.
  2.       Get the web hosting rights for your domain.
  3.       Design your blogs by adding customized WordPress themes.
  4.       Install plugins such as Yoast SEO, Social Warfare, etc, to add more functions to your travel blog. These plugins will help you to rank your content on search-based engines.
  5.       Incorporate the travel as mentioned above blog topics and start posting to grow your audience.

The Bottom Line

Travel blog posting offers you a wide range of niches that are low on competition and easy to grow. Therefore, finding the right inspiration to create content is the best way to run a good travel blog. Even exploring while you’re working on your travel blog is unnecessary.

With accurate information and travelling experience, one can produce fascinating travel reads.

Use the abovementioned 10 Interesting travel blog topics of 2022 in your content and get the desired results from your post. And remember one last thing, never stop discovering.

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