Summer Blog Post Ideas

Summer Blog Post Ideas/ 75 Ideas About Summer Blog Post

A blog post is a great way to share your knowledge with the world and to help people learn about a topic that you’re passionate about.

When it comes to choosing a topic for your blog post, you want to make sure that you choose one that’s relevant to your audience and that will interest them. You also want to make sure that you do your research so that you can provide accurate information.

That’s why to make sure the format of your lifestyle blog post is in a way that helps people to read and get ideas and solutions. I’ve highlighted 75 summer blog post topics that may help you to write your next blog posts.

75 Summer Blog Post Ideas

20 General Summer Blog Post Ideas

  1.   How to look chic while beating the heat?
  2.   5 summer beauty trends to try
  3.   Summer travel destinations for every budget
  4.   What to pack for a summer trip?
  5.   The best summer reads
  6.   Make your own natural sunscreen
  7.   4th of July party planning tips
  8.   Decorate your home for summertime
  9.   Summer fitness goals and how to achieve them
  10. The perfect beach day packing list
  11. How to plan the perfect road trip?
  12. Tips for taking stunning sunset photos
  13. 3 easy DIYs for your backyard barbecue
  14. 5 reasons to visit (insert your city/town) in the summertime
  15. 10 things to do in the summer if you’re a (insert your hobby)
  16. How to make a simple and refreshing summer salad?
  17. 3 easy and tasty summertime smoothie recipes
  18. 5 fun and unique ways to enjoy the summertime
  19. A beginner’s guide to camping
  20. The best hiking trails in (insert your state/region)

15 Beauty and fashion in summer topic ideasSummer Blog Post Ideas

  1.   How to style a summertime outfit?
  2.   Why does skin get oily in summer?
  3.   The best fabric to keep you cool in the summer
  4.   Does sunscreen affect facial beauty?
  5.   3 easy and chic hairstyles for hot summer days
  6.   5 tips for wearing makeup in the heat
  7.   Summer beauty hacks every girl should know
  8.   Does your skin type require a different type of sunscreen?
  9.   3 natural and homemade beauty recipes perfect for summertime
  10. Your guide to the best self-tanners for a natural-looking tan
  11. Summer hair care tips
  12. Are there any essential oils you recommend using this summer?
  13. The best way to repel insects naturally
  14. 3 easy DIYs for summertime beauty products
  15. How to keep your face skin oil-free in summer?

15 Travel-related blog post ideas for summer

  1.   How to keep yourself cool without an air conditioner?
  2.   Your guide to the best beaches in (insert your state/region)
  3.   5 tips for planning a summer road trip
  4.   How to beat the heat while traveling?
  5.   3 must-see destinations for summertime travel
  6.   5 tips for packing light for a summer trip
  7.   How to save money on summer travel?
  8.   The best things to do in (insert your city/town) during the summer months
  9.   Summer hiking trails you should not miss
  10. 5 tips for taking great summertime photos
  11. The best places to see fireworks in (insert your city/town)
  12. A guide to the best summer music festivals
  13. Your guide to the best art festivals happening this summer
  14. The ultimate guide to planning a summer vacation on a budget
  15. What to consider when looking for summer travel deals?

25 Food and drink-related blog posts ideas for summer

  1.   How to keep yourself hydrated this summer?
  2.   How to make the perfect picnic lunch?
  3.   Your guide to the best wineries in (insert your state/region)
  4.   3 beer brewing trends to look out for this summer
  5.   The best rooftop bars in (insert your city/town)
  6.   5 tips for taking great food photos
  7.   The ultimate guide to planning a summertime picnic
  8.   Canning fruits and vegetables: a beginner’s guide
  9.   5 tips for taking great photos of food
  10. The ultimate guide to planning a summertime barbecue
  11. 5 easy and healthy recipes perfect for summertime
  12. 3 must-try cocktails for summer
  13. What is the recommended amount of coffee to drink this summer?
  14. A guide to the best food festivals happening this summer
  15. Your guide to the best patio dining in (insert your city/town)
  16. 5 tips for picnicking like a pro
  17. The ultimate guide to BBQ sauce varieties
  18. How to make homemade ice cream?
  19. 5 creative ways to use fruit in cocktails
  20. 3 beer brewing trends to watch out for this summer
  21. 5 tips for pairing wine with food
  22. A guide to the best wineries in (insert your state/region)
  23. 3 easy and delicious summertime desserts
  24. 5 tips for making the perfect s’mores
  25. Benefits of kale smoothie in summer

Brainstorming Blog Post Ideas for FreeSummer Blog Post Ideas

Wondering how to come up with more ideas for your blog posts? it can be tough to keep churning out content week after week, because these 75 ideas may end soon.

So if you’re looking for some help jumpstarting your creativity, read on for a few tips on finding blog post ideas for free.

User-Generated Content

User-generated content is created by individuals who aren’t paid. This can include things like comments, reviews, testimonials, and social media posts.

Check out your blog’s comments section to get started. Are there any common questions that readers seem to be asking? Or maybe there are certain topics that people are passionate about and tend to leave long, thoughtful comments on. These could make for great blog posts.

Get Ideas From Google Trends

If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas that are specific to your niche or industry, Google Trends is a great resource to check out. Just enter in a couple of relevant keywords, and Google will show you how those terms have been searched for over time. You can even narrow down the results by location, time frame, and category.

For example, let’s say you run a summer travel blog. If you enter “summer travel” into Google Trends, you’ll see that searches for that term have been pretty seasoned over the past few years.

But if you narrow it down further by location (say, the United States) and time frame (the past 5 years), you might notice that searches for “cake decorating” have been on the rise recently. That could be a sign that it would make for a great blog post topic.

Do Competitor Analysis

Another way to find great blog post ideas is to see what topics your competitors are writing about. To do this, just enter their URL into Google and scroll down to the “latest posts” section which appears below their website.

Here you should see a list of recent articles from that site. If anything looks particularly interesting or timely, feel free to give it a read and use it as inspiration for your own blog post idea. Just make sure not to copy their exact idea or wording, that would be plagiarism.


Finally, you’ve got some summer blog post ideas along with some tips on how to find perfect blog post content ideas.

In a nutshell, some great places to find blog post ideas include industry publications, online forums, social media platforms, and even Google search results. You can also come up with your own topics by brainstorming a list of questions that your target audience is likely asking.

Once you have a few topic ideas in mind, do some research to see what others have already written about the subject. If you can provide fresh insights or perspectives on a given topic, you’ll be in a good position to write a high-quality blog post that will engage your audience.

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