What Are Blog Hops?/ Everything You Need To Know

What Are Blog Hops?/ Everything You Need To Know

Bloggers know a variety of strategies for increasing traffic to their content. They can get a lot of traffic using a variety of tools. However, one thing that most bloggers, especially novice ones, neglect is blog hops.

They don’t know that they can create a community by using blog hops. But what are blog hops? So, to know what blog hops are and how they can help you create a community, read this blog post to the end.

Without being late, let’s get to our topic.

What Are Blog Hops?

Blog hops are events that are set up by bloggers to get together with other website owners who’re working in the same niche. Additionally, they seek to share their readership with other bloggers. Similar to a book club, a blog hop consists of members reading each other’s blogs. Blogging communities of all types can organise blog hops, but some niches might get more successful than others.

Blog Hops: What Are They Good For?

What Are Blog Hops?/ Everything You Need To Know

Participating in a blog hop will result in comments. For small blogs and blogs that do not receive many comments, these hops can make a huge difference. In our case, we were able to receive only three to six comments per post on a blog we maintained. Over 30 comments were left on the Author Toolbox Blog Hop articles.

Since the blog hop began in April, we’ve enjoyed building relationships with a number of bloggers. We communicate with them on social media, and many have subscribed to my newsletter even though they don’t comment on every post I make.

A lot of the articles in the Author Toolbox Blog Hop are shared on social media, although this is not a requirement. As well as reaching a larger audience, these articles have gained subscribers and commenters who weren’t involved in the blog hop.

The blogging community within your niche is a great way for your blog to get new life.

What Is The Process Of Hosting A Blog Hop?

After knowing about the importance of blog hops, you just want to know how you can organise one for yourself. So, a blog hop begins with choosing a topic. What type of topics? To inspire everyone to write and share something authentic, stick to broad topics that can have many interpretations, such as the professional/personal life balance in a particular industry.

If you’re organising a blog hop for professionals in one area, you can be as specific or narrow as you like. Depending on your goals, it is important to frame the topic in a way that allows everyone to contribute their thoughts. The blog hop host publishes each link in a separate article or static page. Moreover, all invited bloggers need to visit all other blogs and read all published articles. Whenever an article on a particular topic is published, every blogger reviews it and comments on it.

It is common for blog hops to have their own hashtags and graphics on social media, so they can be more visible and recognized. It is often necessary for participants to include a brief blurb about the blog hop in their articles.

There can be a specific topic for a blog hop, as well as specific conditions. To participate, they may require bloggers to have experience or to hold a certain profession.

Can Anyone Join a Blog Hop?

Nope. It’s like a personal home event at which only those people can come who the host invites. If the host hasn’t invited you, I’m sorry; you won’t be able to attend the blog hop. It is possible, however, for the host to make the event open to everyone if he wishes. This rarely happens since no blogger wants a complete newbie blogger to attend their event. But, if you know the people who are organizing the event and you can contact them as well, then ask them to invite you to the event. They’ll surely do it as it won’t make any difference to them. In fact, they’d love to have you a part of their event.

How Do Bloggers Invite People In The Community?

What Are Blog Hops?/ Everything You Need To Know

Google Forms is the most common way to invite authors. Other methods may also be available. There are no set rules for inviting authors. Regardless of what works best for you, it’s up to you. It is common for blog hops that overlap or are informal, such as those requiring invitations, to be invite-only.

Who Can Organise A Blog Hop?

Anyone who is a blogger can organise a blog hop. Yes, you heard that right. Regardless of your expertise in blogging, you can arrange this event and become a host. But, make certain that you only invite bloggers to the event who have the same or a similar niche to your blog’s topic. Or else, the opinions won’t match and there might be some issues. You want to grow as a community, and it’s not possible for different-minded people.

What Are The Benefits Of Blog Hops?

Bloggers who share a common interest benefit most from blog hops. As a result, they can share their knowledge and expand their knowledge. Plus, Blog hops can foster friendships and lead to professional collaboration. Adding some fresh air to your blog is as easy as commenting on other blogs.

How To Find a Blog Hop

It is easiest to find a blog hop by searching your browser for “blog hops + your niche.” Search your browser for “blog hops” + “your niche.”

Here’s how you can find the blog hop for your niche.  Wasn’t the method too easy?


Blog hops are events that most bloggers organise to make new friends in the community. Such events help the bloggers to connect with each other and grow together. A blog hop is easy to organise whether you’re an experienced blogger or a novice. However, make sure that the bloggers you invite work in the same niche as you. This way, you’ll be in better accord with one another.

That’s all for today. Please share any questions you have regarding the topic in the comments section. It would be our pleasure to assist you.

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