How To Get A Moz Pro Account For Free- 4 Easy Ways

How To Get A Moz Pro Account For Free- 4 Easy Ways

It comes as no surprise that in this era of advanced technology, Search engine optimized content is the only way to reach your organic and targeted audience. Targeting this particular issue, Moz software was created to specifically search the most searched and trending keywords according to your requirement. This keyword search will help you bring your content to the first page of Google. You can view the benefits of using a Moz Pro account here.

Of course, with every perk, there comes a price. Undoubtedly, Moz is an excellent software for your keyword search, but the annual rate charged to each user is worth considering. And if you are here, searching for some authentic way to obtain the free Moz Pro Account, You are not alone!

According to Reddit, most users find the rates very overpriced for their use. This is where we come to rescue you. The following article will highlight 4 ways to aid you to get a free MOZ Pro Account.

1.  The Traditional Way To have a Subscription for 30 days

How To Get A Moz Pro Account For Free- 4 Easy Ways

MOZ offers its users a free trial of 30 days before they start paying for the service. The most essential and critical element in this method is to use the free trial but log out before the 30 days ends. To do this, follow these simple steps.

  1. Visit the official MOZ website here.
  2. Enter your basic information like Name, Address, Country, and City
  3. For your company details, you can either share the correct information of the company you own or if you are an individual writer, then enter imaginary knowledge in this box.
  4. Enter your card details like card number and expiry date. (if you want to have free access without mentioning your card details, jump onto the third way)
  5. Click the button, ‘sign up, and you will get a verification email. Once your account is verified, Holla! You have free access to the MOZ account for next month.

2. Free Unlimited Keyword Search at MOZ Account

In the free trial, the user is only given 10 attempts to practice keyword searches. If you just want the benefit of having unlimited keyword searches for your lifetime, then continue reading.

  1. Follow all the steps from points 1-4 as mentioned in the first method to obtain the free account.
  2. The only difference in this procedure is that this time we will use a fake email address. First, visit this website to generate a fake email address,
  3. Copy the fake email address from this website. Now, paste this into the information box and then click ‘Sign Up.’
  4. A verification link will be sent to this fake email address. To access it, go to the temp mail site again and scroll a little to find the icon of ‘ Back To Inbox.’
  5. You will find a link there, click it, and there you are! You have created a free MOZ account for unlimited searches. You can perform this act monthly to avoid charging your credit card.’

However, do note that this option will NOT give you access to the free MOZ pro account. It will just aid you to have unlimited keyword searches.

3. Get a Free MOZ Pro Account Using A Fake Credit Card

How To Get A Moz Pro Account For Free- 4 Easy Ways

I understand your concerns if you do not want to enter your credit card details or you can’t because you don’t own a credit card. But Hey! We have a backdoor for this problem also.

  1. To create a fake credit card, you need to visit this website,
  2. In the ‘bin’ column, enter this number, 424093035xxx5730, and click generate. Now you have a fake credit card of your own.
  3. The difficult stuff has been dealt with now. It is just the easy stuff remaining. You just have to follow the steps mentioned under bullet point number 2. You have to enter your fake name, and email (created through However, be cautious when you enter your email address. It should match the city and country as per the credit card number. The expiration date and CVC will be generated when you will create the fake credit card through the website link provided.
  4. Click ‘ Sign Up, and you will receive a confirmation mail on your fake email address. Click that, and Voila! You have free access to the MOZ pro account without an actual credit card.

4. Get MOZ Pro Cookies To Have Free Access

The last straw to the resort in solving your query is to download MOZ pro cookies. Cookies are small text sent to your browser when you visit a certain page. Although this technique may seem a little tricky but trust me! It is worth the hassle.

  1. Download cookie editor through this link; Cookie Editor.
  2. Once it is downloaded, install it on your PC by clicking ‘Add to chrome’. The icon will be visible in the top right corner of the window.
  3. Now log on to the official website of MOZ and then click the cookie editor icon on your desktop.
  4. Once you click this icon, you will see a computer-programmed cookie created. At the bottom of it, you will see an icon of a trash can or delete option. Click it, and now you have deleted all the cookies on that page.
  5. Now after clicking on the link below, copy all the fake cookies created and paste them by clicking on the import option available on the cookie editor icon.
  6. After importing the cookies, wait for 3 seconds before refreshing the page and again

Important note:

DO NOT log out of your device after importing the cookies, or else you might not be able to use the same set of cookies again.


Having a MOZ Pro account does assist you to reach your targeted audience easily through an accurate and efficient keyword search. However, the prices charged on each premium package to its members are beyond bars. Hence, I hope this article was a solution to your problem of having a free MOZ pro account.

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