10 Easy Fiver Gig Ideas That Will Rank On Fiver/ 2022

10 Easy Fiver Gig Ideas That Will Rank On Fiver/ 2022

Do you want to start working on fiver? Then you might need some low-competition gig ideas to start with. But, where will you get these easy fiver gig ideas from? Obviously, from the results that Google has brought you on Here I have a list of easy Fiver gig ideas that you can consider to start your freelancing career with.

The best thing about these gig ideas is that they’re too low in competition. It means you’ll end up ranking for them on the first page of fibre in no time. Sounds interesting? Moreover, we’ll also tell you the price that you should set for these gigs.

Without making you wait any longer, let’s get to our topic.


Even though most of you might already have a clue as to what a fiver is, but, if you don’t know, then let me tell you. Fiver is an online global freelance marketplace where people can offer their services to those in need and get paid for them.

To get started with fiver, you first create an account on it, either as the seller or buyer. What’s the difference between both? A seller account is for those who want to sell their services. On the other hand, a buyer account is for people who want to buy services.

10 Easy Fiver Gig Ideas To Start Freelancing

No matter what keyword you search for on Fiver, most of them are highly competitive with thousands of services. As a newbie, if we make our gigs around these keywords, then there is no way we’ll ever rank and get any orders.

Consequently, I’ve researched and come up with the best 10 easy-to-rank fiver gigs that you can consider for starting your freelancing career. I’m going to mention them down below profoundly, with the suitable pricing that you should set for them.

1) Travel Advice

Hell yeah, imagine getting paid for giving travel advice to travellers. How amazing would that be?  Basically, you don’t have to do anything but use Google Maps and Google Travel Advice to find the best places to travel near the client’s area.

Or, the clients will tell the country where you have to find the best places for them to travel to.  And you get paid a very good amount for it. That’s beyond being just interesting.

Pricing Advice

Before you give travel advice to your clients, let me give you some advice on putting a price tag on your gig.

Undoubtedly, travel advice is a low-competitive gig idea, but still, there are some people ranking at the top. You never know how long they have been holding that position. Therefore, to outrank them, we have to set a price tag that is less than theirs.

The price that one competitor on this gig who’s getting orders is charging is $5.29. You should decrease the price to $4. This will make your gig stand out and attract more visitors to it. This formula will work for the other easy-fiver gig ideas that we’re going to tell you about.

2) Marketing Advice

The “Marketing Advice” gig idea is the second best and easiest idea to make a fiver gig on. Just like the first one, you don’t need to do a lot to earn from it. All you have to do is to give marketing advice to businessmen.

Most people are mixed up about how they should do their marketing for their products or businesses and need someone to assist them.

Why is it that someone can’t be you? You only have to do a simple, short marketing advice course and you’re good to go. You don’t need to be well-learned about marketing to provide this service.


$30 To $35, not more than that.

3) Writing Advice

If you’re a writer, then you must be aware of how the layout, formatting, voice tone, and structure of the content should be.

You can offer a writing advice service on Fiver. People who’re new to writing usually do not know how they should write about certain niches. If you think you’re capable of doing it, you can get a very good amount. This idea doesn’t require you to have mastery of any skill except good knowledge of writing.


$10 to $10 would be the best.

4) Background Removing / Changing

Background removing and changing is another of the best easy-fiver gig ideas. The speciality of this idea is that you don’t need to have any skill at all. You can remove or change the photo or video background in a matter of minutes.

Just make your way to Google and search for “Online Background Remover/Changer.”You’ll get a lot of free tools that will remove or change the background for you in no time. You won’t have to do anything except upload the client’s picture or video into the tool. The rest of the work will get done by the tool.


A $10 to $15 price tag is good to stand out.

5) Gaming

Are you good at playing video games? If so, you can earn money by providing gameplay videos on Fiver. It might sound eccentric to you, but hear me out. Youtubers, specifically roasters, or many other types of YouTube channel owners, need original video gameplay for their videos because of copyright issues.

Therefore, they pay freelancers to provide them with the original gameplay. Playing video games doesn’t need any special skills, and you can provide this service on fiver and earn some bucks.

Some of the most in-demand games are PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, Fortnite, GTA V, etc. So, you can simply enjoy playing your game while letting it run in the background. That’s it.


$20 to %25.

6) Proofreading And Editing

There are many writers out there who somehow manage to write their content but don’t have time to proofread it. Therefore, proofreading can be a great idea for you can create your gig.

You’ll be given some written projects, like web articles or essays, that you have to proofread and edit. Pretty simple, right? However, you’ll have to have a good command of the language you’re proofreading in, which is usually English.


$10 to $15 will do the best.

7) Business Names and Slogans

Almost every day, new businesses are launched. People are coming into the business world faster than ever. And the business needs to have a suitable slogan or name. You can suggest different creative slogans and business names to the clients.

The skill level is almost zero in this easy-fiver gig idea. However, the creativity level should be high. This is because you have to come up with a business name or slogan that the client’s business associates with, and that is also compelling.


$10 to $15 is good.

8) Translation

If you’re good at two or more languages, then you can provide translation services. Because many people want to get their documents translated from one language to another.

Because, usually, they have to expand their business to another country, which might speak any other language, Thus, they hire freelancers for it. This easy-fiver gig idea isn’t so competitive. So, get into it ASAP.


$20 to $30 is the ideal price. However, it may go up or down depending on the word count.

9) Product Photography

Are you good at clicking photos? If so, this thing can also make you a little rich. You can provide the service of clicking product photos to your business clients. They’ll pay you a really good amount if you impress them with your photography skills.

You don’t need to be very skilled for this job. Also, you don’t need to have a camera. Your smartphone will do the job for you. But, the pictures should be in HD quality so that the customers can get attracted to them.


$50 to $60 is a good price.

10) Subtitles and Captioning Work

You may have noticed that the dialogues they are saying appear at the bottom of a YouTube video or a Hollywood movie. Those are called subtitles or captions. This is the 7th easy-fiver gig idea I have for you.

You can provide subtitle and caption work services on fiver and make some bucks from it. However, you need to be good at the language in which you have to write captions in.


$4 to $5.


You now have ten simple fiver gig ideas from which to launch your freelancing career. These ideas are quite low-competitive and won’t require you to have a lot of skills.

And some of the ideas require you to have zero skills but common sense or creative thinking. Like, such as writing advice, travel advice, or marketing advice. You can make gigs on these topics right away.

Furthermore, if you have any questions related to the topic, please let me know in the comment section.


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