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ShortlyAI Alternatives? Complete Guide you Need to Know

Have you made writing your passion but are unable to manage it due to your hectic schedule? Have you given thought to let the AI robots do the writing magic for you? ShortlyAI Alternatives works on the basis of Artificial Intelligence and quickly completes your pending writing tasks with high-quality content in a matter of minutes instead of long hours of writing on a specific topic. Let’s find out how?

A compilation of better alternatives of ShortlyAI

Shortly is one of the best Artificial Intelligence writing software that evolved into a very powerful tool for writers, bloggers, website owners, and for those who take writing as their passion. Every good thing has pros and cons, so Shortly has its features and possible reasons to seek an alternative.

The drawbacks of ShortlyAI includes its strict plan that does not work according to most people’s need. It is neither suitable for long and major forms of content nor has it a Chrome extension. Many writers write in different languages, but ShortlyAI does not ensure a multilingual aspect. So all these reasons demand a writer to seek an alternative to ShortlyAI.

The other alternatives may also have cons, but one thing is for sure they are far better than ShortlyAI, so here is a list of some alternatives to ShortlyAI that can help you save your time and efforts.

  1. Jasper AI
  2. Copy AI
  3. WriteSonic
  4. Copysmith
  5. Funnel scripts

Let’s dive into it without delay for a second and see which alternative of ShortlyAI suits you best.

  • Jasper AI

ShortlyAI Alternatives

As its name, Jasper AI is software based on Artificial Intelligence that helps content creators create grammatically perfect new content. Although Jasper AI is suitable for all types of content, whether you are writing a book, writing a blog post, or writing content for a website, the best thing about Jasper AI is that you can instruct it according to your desires or what type of content you require. That makes it one of the best copywriting software in the universe of content writing.

Jasper AI is mainly preferred for long-form content, for instance, emails, articles, blog posts, website content, and story writing, in a magical way that attracts writers towards themselves. It is a very suitable, highly efficient software with unique tools that save the writer’s time and effort.

Unlike ShortlyAI, it can also generate content in multiple languages, and even it provides the facility of translating content from different languages as well. Jasper AI is best for creating SEO-optimized content, which makes it a better choice among other alternatives.

Moreover, Jasper AI is very budget-friendly and costs 29$ per month for the starter plan. If your client requires you to write content in English, Japanese, German, Spanish and French, you must consider giving Jasper AI a try for plagiarism-free content.

  • Copy AI

ShortlyAI Alternatives

Copy AI software has earned its name in the universe of content creation because of its game-changing writing features that generate amazing content for your website, article, or whatever you are writing for. It is also based on Artificial Intelligence like all other software, but it has been lucky in gaining some different and unique features that outshine the list of ShortlyAI alternatives.

You can write compelling content for product descriptions, website content, landing pages, meta descriptions, productions, and a lot more through Copy AI. The type of content Copy AI generates is highly-converting content, so the writer community also prefers this tool for their content creation.

Copy AI is a very simple and easy-to-use tool that provides translation features for more than 25 different languages, including English, Japanese, Spanish, German, French, etc. The best thing is that you can import or export any document without disruption, and it ensures access to 30+ unique templates enabling you to create extraordinary content.

For providing compelling content to its users, Copy AI utilizes the copywriting keystone, including Before-After-Bridge (BAB), Attention-Interest-Desire-Action (AIDA), and the Pain-Agitate-Solution (PAS. All of these copywriting frameworks work to create the best quality content that is plagiarism free.

For its new users, Copy AI provides a free trial, and after that, users can avail of Copy AI’s budget-friendly Solo package for only 35$ per month, and it costs about 420$ if the subscription is for a year.

  • WriteSonic

ShortlyAI Alternatives

WriteSonic is yet another powerful tool based on artificial intelligence that generates high-quality and compelling content. Because of its high-quality content, it is preferred by the content creation community and entrepreneurs. Its demand has greatly increased worldwide after writers have come to know the quality of content WriteSonic generates.

It is best for creating landing pages, meta descriptions, product descriptions, website content, advertisement, and any type of content, its users require. The best thing about this software is that it is super affordable because its starter plan costs only 13.05 dollars per month. Moreover, it also provides the facility of a free trial for its new users.

Through WriteSonic, you can rephrase your content as much as you need and expand it as well. It is also multilingual and provides content in 20 different languages including Spanish, Bulgarian, Italian, Danish, and a lot more. It utilizes the Pain-Agitate-Solution and Attention-Interest-Desire-Action (AIDA) copywriting frameworks for creating compelling and high-quality content.

  • Copysmith

ShortlyAI Alternatives

Based on artificial intelligence, the software of Copysmith spills out some amazing features for writing content for different purposes. It does not compromise on the quality of content and generates content in a quite impressive way. It is capable of creating content faster than usual and does not stop getting better with every new feature and improving day by day into its best version.

As stated earlier, it does not compromise on its quality of content creation; this is the prime reason for its steadily increasing demand worldwide. Its content is wholly powered by artificial intelligence standards and outshines the list of alternatives to Shortly AI because of its time-saving feature.

Its ability to translate content into more than 100 languages makes it the best choice among other software. It is best for a long list of different forms of content, including landing pages, product descriptions, social media advertisements, meta descriptions, sales copy, and so on.

Copysmith is everything that a writer is searching for. It provides the facility of chrome extension and third-party integrations, which make it quite feasible for the writer community. It also creates plagiarism-free content while maintaining its quality and uniqueness.

It is still progressively improving with generating the long form of content. If your work is related to the short form of content, then you must not waste a second or minute availing of this incredible artificial intelligence-powered software.  Moreover, it is super affordable with a 3-day free trial as well.

  • Funnel Scripts

ShortlyAI Alternatives

Unlike others, Funnel Scripts is based on proprietary technology and specializes in effectuating the elite quality content that amazes the reader. The writer community sometimes considers it the black sheep of Artificial Intelligence based copywriting. It is capable of generating your desired content in a matter of minutes.

Funnel Scripts is designed to save the writer’s time and endless efforts on pre-research. It is a versatile sort of content-creating software that creates content in various ways. Whether it is a landing page, meta description, product description, article, or any sort of writing material, Funnel Script can do it in a magical way that attracts the reader’s interest.

You can subscribe to Funnel Scripts for 797$, which is a one-time payment, and it will be worth it when you get a chance to experience its results. It has come with a long list of features that include online and offline availability.

It can convert short bullet points into long-engaging content. It supports 6 Downloadable Wizards the Easy Survey Script Wizard, The Master Class Wizard, The Star Story Solution Script Wizard, The Easy VSL Wizard, and The Perfect Webinar Wizard. So, subscribe to Funnel Scripts today and get a chance to experience this long list of features in the alternate of Shortly AI.


Because of some of the drawbacks of Shortly AI, the writing community is found to seek an extraordinary alternative that suits their demands to a greater extent. Every artificial intelligence-based software shared in this article is somewhat a turning point in the lives of many writers who want to save their time and protect themselves from endless efforts of research on a specific subject.

So, if you are running out of precious time due to your hectic routine and are not able to focus on writing, you must choose a content-creating software that comes with unique features and ensures the best quality compelling content.


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