How to earn money online as a student

With the economic crisis going on in the world these days, many people are struggling to make ends meet. People are finding new and better ways to earn some extra cash while enjoying the comfort of their homes at the same time.

The student community has also been affected by this unstable situation; most want some easy part-time jobs to help with their expenses. The broke student stereotype is more common than we think, as most students just don’t have enough money to fulfil their basic needs, let alone spend on luxuries.

As the world today is diving deeper into the online world, many earning opportunities for people, especially students, are available online. But finding the best online can also be challenging at times. With this point in mind, we have compiled a list of the best ways to earn money online so hardworking students can make a few bucks in their part-time.

Here’s a list of some of the most efficient ways to earn online using some of the most in-demand skills:


You must have heard of it from one of your fellow students. It is the best way for a student to earn money online while not spending anything. There are a lot of freelance websites out there, like Upwork and Fiverr, where you get paid for completing a task.

Freelancing is a vast field where you can provide many services, including writing, video editing, graphic design, and many more. But the most common and accessible for a student is writing, which mainly includes blog articles, reviews, and other related stuff.

If you have command of English and your grammar is not so shabby, then it is your dream job. Usually, you get paid on an hourly or per article basis.

But if you are enrolled in a computer science course, there is a massive demand for your programming skills as many people hire freelancers to develop websites daily.

Graphic design could be a good choice if you better understand colors and love drawing elements. Many companies start every day, and all need logos and business cards for their identity.


Creating a blog may seem like a hassle initially, but once it is established, there is no better way of earning money online for students. You need to discover your interest and start posting articles about it.

It may seem in the beginning that it is not working as you will not get traffic overnight, but good quality content and website design will soon get your blog ranked. Once there is an inflow of visitors, you can monetize it by various methods. These methods include displaying adverts on your sites or getting yourself inducted into an affiliate program from which you can earn commission by writing reviews.

The blog has the upper hand over freelancing as it generates passive income once established and does not consume your hours, so you have time to focus on your studies and other activities.

Youtube channel

Youtube is the giant of digital media and one of the leading websites in the world. A well-thought channel with great content can be your next source of passive income as we are all aware of videos getting viral and racking millions of views within a few days.

Once the requirements of watch time and subscribers are met, you can monetize your videos by getting involved with the YouTube partner program that lets you earn by displaying adverts on your channel.

Instagram influencer

If you are one of those students who love having a social media presence, you can use it to earn some easy money. Instagram is one of the top social media apps, and new emerging businesses love to get shout-outs so they can bump up their sales.

If you have enough followers, start contacting some brands and offering them to post about their products in return for the money. Probability is they will collaborate if your rates are reasonable, and this way, you can earn some money by just doing a simple post.


Although the popularity of dropshipping has dropped down in the past few years, it has enormous potential to generate significant revenues. You don’t have to worry if you have no idea how it is done, as we will clarify things for you.

You need to create an online store on either Shopify or WooCommerce, the leading online store platform. After that start hunting the products which the people in your country mostly like. You can easily find various helpful videos about product hunting on YouTube.

After finding the suitable products next step is to display these products in your store. You don’t need to have products available at your hand. You can order these products from websites like Alibaba, where these are sold at lower prices.

You can set the price of these products according to your choice as you have to consider the cost of running adverts and the subscription of these eCommerce platforms. But keep one thing in mind as the products are shipped from another country, it takes some time to get them delivered to the customers.

Publishing an ebook

In addition to blogging and YouTube channel, publishing an ebook is the best way of earning some handsome passive income. It requires you to have a grip over a specific topic and little knowledge of content writing.

Amazon lets you publish your book through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing free of cost, and you get 70 percent of the listing amount. You need to write it according to Kindle format, which you can easily find on YouTube, and then upload it.

Every time your book gets sold, you get your share. So it is a one-time investment of your time, and you keep earning as long as it sells.

Become an online Tutor

Various websites connect you to the people who need a tutor for a particular subject. Some famous ones are Tutor, Tutor Vista, and Tutor Zilla. You can get on board by registering with them, and they will connect you with someone who needs help in your area of expertise.

For this purpose, you will require only Zoom or Skype and a reliable internet connection. It is not only about academic teaching. There are also various opportunities in non-academic areas. So you can use your leisure time to help someone out and at the same time earn money to pay your bills.
If somehow you are bilingual or learning a new language, then why not use it to earn a few bucks. Some companies and clients pay for translating from one language to the other.

These may include documents, titles, subtitles, or emails. It gives you the chance to earn and learn at the same time. There is a big chance that companies may hire you regularly if your work is to their liking.

Social media manager

Social media manager tasks are slightly related to but not limited to that of Instagram influencers. In this job, you have to reach out to the brands that don’t have an internet presence and tell them about the benefits of social media presence.

Sometimes established businesses need someone who can handle all of their social media handles, including posting and managing comments and increasing user engagement.

You may also need to convert them into loyal customers by signing up for a newsletter or buying some products. In other words, you become the company’s voice on social media. It is the best way to earn money, even if you are a social media addict and spend hours scrolling.


Virtual assistant

It is the same as the office secretary or assistant, but you perform the tasks virtually by sitting at home, as the name indicates. The functions of a virtual assistant vary from company to company, but most include social media management, data entry, and research.


PTC Websites

There are various websites where you get money for watching videos, and these are called pay through click(PTC). Some sites are legit but seeing the success, many people started fake websites which are of no help, and spam adverts are shown.
So it is not a trustworthy source of income. If you are serious about getting self-sufficient, the methods described above are more legit, and you can earn some money from them though you may have to learn some skills before making it.


Now you know some of the best ways to earn money online. Whichever skill you want to learn, ensure a complete understanding of its ins and outs. This is important because it allows you to become an expert in that department. Whenever you are an expert in an area, the world recognises your expertise and is willing to pay any amount to get your expert opinion. After all, no one likes a jack of all trades and master of none. Happy learning!

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